Channel Feeds


Choycer Channel Feeds is a cloud-based feed generator for online product advertising and marketing channels. The software generates and publishes data feeds for popular pay-per-click ad outlets such as Google Shopping and Bing Product Ads as well as multi-seller marketplaces like Sears Marketplace or Amazon Marketplace.

Using a centralized database derived from wholesaler and distributor product data files, Channel Feeds helps you sustain uniform product presentation throughout your sales channels.

The image editing and management service prepares properly scaled images appropriate for each channel and the data feed generator creates correctly formatted feeds from supplier data sources on a preset schedule or on demand.


Check out an example of a product processed through Channel Feeds.



Plans are available for every size merchant.



Choycer Channel Feeds is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that creates data feeds targeted at popular advertising and marketing channels. Available channels include comparison shopping engines and product aggregators like:

  • Google Shopping
  • Bing Product Ads
  • Connexity
  • Sears Marketplace
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • and more

Channel Feeds is available by monthly subscription after a one-time setup charge per feed. It ensures your products are formatted exactly as needed for maximum exposure and sales. In addition, the software helps you generate search-friendly meta tags from your product name, description and features.

The software contains all of the tools you need to manage your channel products feeds, including data formatting and export, text editing, and a versatile image editor. In addition, it supports uploading and downloading files from your local disk as well as data stored on SFTP or XML servers.

Feeds are created in tab or comma separated format as needed or as an XML file. After the channel data feed is generated, it can be imported into the channel from the feed file, pushed to the advertising channel via API, or pulled from your Choycer account.

Choycer Channel Feeds Advantages

  • Our hosted wholesale products master database generates accurate feeds for multiple channels
  • A central product location helps you easily coordinate and control your product offerings
  • Image hosting and manipulation utilities accomodate different channel image standards
  • Feed output is available on schedule, on demand, or upon activation of a predefined trigger

Quality Assurance

All product titles, descriptions and features are checked for spelling and grammar errors. Image and product links are verified. The entire feed is validated against channel rules and policies.

We back our channel feeds with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your legal, in-policy goods will upload and get approved. If not, we'll fix any problems or refund the purchase price.

Supported Wholesalers/Distributors

Channel feeds are available for poplular distributors and wholesalers including:

  • Essendant
  • Wholesaler A
  • Wholesaler B
  • Distributor A
  • Distributor B


To be announced.