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Our store feeds save you time and money. They're drawn from official wholesaler and distributor source files and converted into store-ready import files that include image links or actual images.

Product integrity is maintained throughout feed generation. Add your own price lists and visual customizations directly to the feed, reducing or eliminating the need for expensive custom store templates and code.

Store feeds are available for many common online storefronts. New feeds are added frequently.

If we don't support your wholesaler or store yet, we'll work with you to create a new module that prepares accurate feeds at no extra cost.

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Our channel feeds increase your sales. They supply product data formatted for direct upload to online sales channels such as Bing Shopping or Connexity.

Product data is derived from supplier data files and matched to channel categories. Link to your own image server, use supplier images, or store your custom images with us.

All products titles and descriptions are checked for spelling and grammar errors, image and product links are verified, and the entire feed is validated against channel rules and policies.

We back our feeds with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your legal, in-policy goods will upload and get approved. If not, we'll fix any discrepancies or refund the purchase price.

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Product master databases free your products from the clutches of a specific store, channel or even worse, a spreadsheet. Coupling the database with our feed solutions enables easy storefront switches and fast support for new sales channels.

Why use spreadsheets or make your product data hostage to a store when you can use a professional database solution to control your own product destiny?

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Successful online merchants need exceptional feed management tools. Choycer makes high quality product feed generators for Google feeds, Magento store imports, and many other eCommerce product data targets. Sign up online or contact us today to put your eCommerce business on the fast path to greater success.